Sustainable Unique Places

Sustainable Unique Places

You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Sustainable Unique Places  You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Grand Hyatt Jeju

Dream Tower, a landmark located in downtown Jeju 
 A touch that can be offered only by Hyatt to conserve resources and protect the environment 

· Use PLA, a decomposable material, for disposable items available in the hotel
· Discharge a minimum amount of food waste externally with its own treatment system
· Filter water used in the hotel and reuse it for cooling water, toilets, fountains, etc. 

Green policies practiced in rooms

· Entirely replace paper guidebooks and promotional materials with QR codes
· Use eco-friendly plastic for amenity packaging and wood, rather than plastic, for toothbrushes and combs 
· Issue green cards in order to encourage guests to minimize laundry, including bedding and towels.

Consideration not only for hotel visitors but also for the local community and residents

· Effectively save energy by installing LED lighting in the front part of the building and photovoltaic facilities
· Use eco-friendly air filters and install multiple EV charging stations
· Have a large underground parking lot and a system for guiding vehicles to prevent traffic congestion around the hotel

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