Sustainable Unique Places

Sustainable Unique Places

You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Sustainable Unique Places  You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Jeju Monolith 9.81 Park

Making a variety of efforts to protect the natural environment as much as possible and minimize pollution

· Dispose of food waste generated in the employee cafeteria and commercial facilities on its own
· Save energy by installing its own photovoltaic facilities
· Recycle gray water to save water for use in both urinals and toilets

Encouraging the use of electric vehicles and providing shuttle buses in order to reduce carbon emissions

· Have its own EV charging stations in place
· Use TWIZY, the electric quadricycle from Renault, when moving to another workplace 
· Offer shuttle bus services for employee commuting and visitors

9.81 Park’s signature ‘Ticket’ combining eco-friendly features and technology

· Wristband tickets making use of green materials are equipped with the technology called NFC, making it possible to efficiently access activities and cherish one’s own memories as information, such as boarding records, is stored using mobile devices.

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