Sustainable Unique Places

Sustainable Unique Places

You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Sustainable Unique Places  You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Jeju Shinhwa World

Green Stay & Green Packaging

· Discontinue the use of plastic covers used in rooms and reduce the amount of plastic used
· Utilize the system to separate recyclables and recycle waste

Go Go Challenge

· Have been joining the ‘Go Go Challenge’, a social media campaign initiated
by the Ministry of Environment aiming at ‘reducing the use of disposables and promoting recycling & reusing’

Happy Workshop

· Opened ‘Happy Workshop’, Jeju’s first standard workplace for the disabled

·Have achieved 120% of the mandatory employment rate by hiring 32 employees, including severely disabled people
· Have been running a workplace where everyone is happy with the customized workplace placement system

Donation of the crops grown at Happy Farm!

· Donate the first harvest from ‘Happy Farm’ that employees
with disabilities reclaimed themselves to Seogwipo Happy Sharing Food Market

· All donated agricultural products are organic crops cultivated by employees with disabilities in person, 
which is a case showing that there is no distinction between disabled and non-disabled people when it comes to exchanging help.
· Provide fresh vegetables to low-income neighbors living in the city for free

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