Sustainable Unique Places

Sustainable Unique Places

You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

Sustainable Unique Places  You can enjoy the nature of Jeju and the cheerful vibe of local community.

The Shilla Jeju

‘Green Campaign’, an eco-friendly program together with customers

· Promote the customer-participating environmental protection program that minimizes the use of water, energy,
and chemicals in the bedding washing process

· Replace the bedding when guests staying for 2 nights or more leave the Green Card on the bed when they want the bedding to be replaced

Introduction of the ‘Eco-friendly Heating System’

· Reduce fuel costs by installing the heat pump boiler system that heats the water
in outdoor swimming pools for heating rooms, and recycling the remaining waste heat

Implementation of an internal campaign to save water and energy and reduce waste

· Replace plastic straws with ones made of a natural ingredient (starch)
· Replace disposable plastics that are frequently used, including sanitary gloves, shopping bags,
and garbage bags, with oxo-biodegradable plastics
· Replace cold storage boxes used at stores with paper boxes made of natural materials
· Continue replacing items with ones considering the environment while maintaining the quality of products

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