Sustainable MICE

The concept and the definition of Sustainable MICE.

Sustainable MICE  The concept and the definition of Sustainable MICE.

MICE events tend to overlook the importance of environmental protection and sustainability because they are held on one time in each city. However, emerging recently as crucial factors when making purchase decisions are ethical consumption, which considers the environment and society, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). As a result, ‘value and significance’ play a more important role than branding and marketing of products, and society has been transforming itself from shareholer-centered capitalism to a ‘stakeholder’-centered one.

For MICE events, it is required to give deep consideration to the impact that MICE events will have on the natural environment and the local community with a sense of responsibility so that they can meet the sustainability requirements. In other words, we should not be satisfied with holding successful events and increasing the number of the participants, but rather events should be organized and hosted in ways that can minimize the potential negative effects on the event organizers and all stakeholders involved, and pass down valuable assets to future generations.


● What is ‘Sustainable Tourism’ as defined by the United Nations World Tourism Organization?

Environmental resources
Preserve natural ecology, heritage, and biodiversity as key elements of the tourism industry.
Socio-cultural aspect

Understand and embrace local communities, cultural heritage, traditional values, and multiculturalism.

Economic aspect

Alleviate social poverty by equitably distributing economic benefits and providing stable employment and income. 

Events Industry Council

● What are the ‘Sustainable Events’ as defined by the Events Industry Council?

Event providers and participants share a sense of responsibility to realize the sustainability of event venues.

Basic environmental protection policies, including conserving natural resources and minimizing emissions of environmental pollutants, are implemented. 

Issues that should be considered to build a fundamentally healthy society, such as human rights, community influence, respect for culture, safety and security, health and well-being, etc., are included.

There is support for economic growth through collaboration and partnership, including the participation of local small and medium-sized businesses, government responsibility, transparency, and a fair economy.


● What are the ‘Sustainable Events’ as defined by ICCA?

People (Society)
Social diversity, local communities, education, equality, well-being, and health 
Earth (Environment)

Natural resources, water resources, air quality, energy conservation, and land protection

Economy (Profits)

Economic diversity and stability and a growth in profits

● ‘The Defintion of ‘Sustianable MICE Events’

Sustainable Tourism

Future generations + Needs of tourists + Local community of the current generation.

Sustainable tourism is tourism that leads to the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological process, biological diversity, and life support systems. (UNWTO)

Eco-friendly Conventions

Green conventions focused on settling environmental issues. 

Considering environmental aspects at all stages of a meeting in order to minimized negative impacts on the environment (CIC), and expanding to include all issues that need to be considered when aiming for sustainability, including health and social issues. 

Sustainable MICE

Sustainable Tourism + Eco-friendly Conventions

‘Sustainable MICE events’ mean the sustainable development of the MICE industry through efficient resource management with the devotion and cooperation of stakeholders involved. It also includes sustainability in environmental, social, and economic aspects. 

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