Dreams of a sustainable future of Jeju.

Green MICE Campaign  Dreams of a sustainable future of Jeju.

● A campaign to create Jeju, as a safe and sustainable MICE city.

If sustainable events are activated, not only protecting environment and reducing hosting cost, but also better value will be found in places where people meet. We ask for your interest and participation in the Green MICE Campaign so that the meeting you are attending can preserve the nature of Jeju, serve as a virtuous cycle for the local community, and become a driving force for Jeju to dream of a sustainable future beyond a simple event. 

● Sustainable MICE Campaign of Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau

Distribution of
Jeju  Green MICE manuals
Jeju Green MICE
Certification & Incentive 
Acquisition of ISO 20121 Certification 
Hosting of the Jeju Green MICE Forum
SNS Challenge event

Promotional videos of Green MICE

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